Open Church – Vespers

Live broadcast of Open Church vespers on March 21st.

Open Church – Allan Machado

A message of hope from Florida Conference President Allan Machado. #OpenChurch

Open Church – Tim Goff

“We live in a time that is unprecedented in our nation, it is so far from us, but we can rest knowing Jesus is with His church. He is with all of His churches. Wherever you are throughout Florida Conference know this: God is with you and your church, he has promised.” – Pastor Tim […]

Open Church – Dear Grandparents

There is no distance that can lessen a child’s love… We are all in this together. Stay home to keep our loved ones safe.

Open Church – Elisa Rahming

“This is our time of need…we can go to God with everything. He will be there and He promises to give us peace. No matter where you are, He is there.” Elisa Rahming #OpenChurch

Open Church – Spring Hill and Brooksville

Pastor Eric Doran shares a message of hope and invites you to worship with Spring Hill and Brooksville Churches. Connect with them through Zoom on this link: Prayer Meeting- Tuesday at 7pm. Sabbath School- 9:30am. Sabbath Service- 11am. #OpenChurch